About us

About us


Ji-Chen Technology was founded in April, 1995 with approximately 50 employees and with its capital at 10 million NT Dollars. Our company specializes in cable assembly and wire harness, as well as the design/assembly/testing for electronic products and LED lighting.

5S Methodology and TQC have been applied in our company. We have been authenticated with BVQI ISO9001:2000 and UL Certificates in Dec. 2002. Our main customers include Renewable Energy Manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, motors, household appliances, audio equipments, alarm systems, laminators, LCD Monitor, Notebook and LED lighting.

Running Manufacture Like Business Center We provide a world class service to our customers Please contact us if you are looking for an agent in Asia, to enable our customers grasp the business opportunities efficiently and face through the challenge in the future.

Market Field

  • Energy Saving LED related products and Green battery packs.
  • Automotives Lighting,A/V,Alarm System,Power Window.
  • Home usage Motors,Power Supply,Refrigerators,Air Conditioner.
  • A/V Audio video cables, Optical Digital Cables, HDM and DVI.
  • LCD Display Wire sets ( panel,Inverter,RM control and IO signals),CCFL Soldering,Mini Coaxial Cable,LVDS Wires.
  • O/A equipment Copy Machines,Laminators,scanner,vending Machine related wire sets
  • Ind. Equipment Test Machines,Test Sockets,Inspection Equipment Custom Design


2001 July Establised JC Electronics Inc.
2002 7月 (1) Established CCFL wire harness production line.
(2) Introduced full Auto wire Trim/form/soldering Machine (ATM) from Japan.
Dec. Received BVQIISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
• Annual Turnover: 12M. No. of Employees: 14
2003 Jan. Established CCFL Soldering production line
Apr. Started business with TRIDONIC (Austria).
• Annual Turnover: 11.4M.  No. of Employees: 16
2004 Apr. (1) Received UL Certificate.
(2) Acknowledged and orders of CCFL tube welding placed by Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp
• Annual Turnover: 14.9M. No. of Employees: 16
2005 Apr. Management Team reorganized and appointed Frank Liao as General Manager.
Nov. (1) Company relocated to Wugu Industrial Park w/a plant cover around 700 square meters.
(2) Appointed Frank Liao as G.M.
• Annual Turnover: 20.4M. No. of Employees: 16
2006 Feb. Acknowledged and orders placed by SHARP (TWN)
Mar. Acknowledged and orders placed by CPT.
May. Acknowledged and orders placed by SVI (Thailand).
• Annual Turnover: 43M. No. of Employees: 26
2007 Apr. Acknowledged and orders placed by AUO.
• Annual Turnover: 44.7M. No. of Employees: 27
2008 Mar. Established LED Lighting Dept. and R & D. Dept.
Apr. Renamed company name as "Ji-Chen Technology Inc.“
• Annual Turnover: 49.9M. No. of Employees: 30
2009 Feb. Received new version of ISO9001:2008 quality certificate
Dec. Obtained Two Copies of Pattern Right for LED Lighting.
• Annual Turnover: 34.5M. No. of Employees: 28
2010 Nov. Company relocated to Wugu Industrial Part w/a plant cover around 1,322 square meters .
• Annual Turnover: 34.5M. No. of Employees: 28
2011 June Received orders from Sin-Yao for USA. * Jul. Acknowledged and orders placed by Hokuryo Denkou (Japan).
Dec. Sales Revenue increased 300% more than Year 2005.
• Annual Turnover: 63.4M. No. of Employees: 39
2012 Oct. Received Order from the World Bank for LED table light for African school kids.
• Annual Turnover: 49.5M. No. of Employees: 37
2013 Oct. Acknowledged and orders placed by Zumtobel (Austria)
2014 Aug. Acknowledged and orders placed by Sigmatron (USA).

Quality policy


  • Business Center

Quality Policy

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Satisfaction


  • Everyone is QC
  • Implemented ISO Quality System
  • Continue the Innovation and Creation
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Effective Process Control
  • Achieve to Zero Defe