About us

About us


Ji-Chen Technology was founded in April, 1995, Our company specializes in cable assembly and wire harness, as well as the design/assembly/testing for electronic products and LED lighting.

5S Methodology and TQC have been applied in our company. We have been authenticated with BVC ISO9001:2015.  UL Certificate.   UL & CSA Certificate.  and  TUV Certificate.  Our main customers include Renewable Energy Manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, motors, household appliances, audio equipments, alarm systems, laminators, LCD Monitor, Notebook and LED lighting.

Running Manufacture Like Business Center We provide a world class service to our customers Please contact us if you are looking for an agent in Asia, to enable our customers grasp the business opportunities efficiently and face through the challenge in the future.

Labor Policy

  1. Prohibit the employment of candidates who are under the local legal minimum age and forced labor.
  2. Respect the freedom of employees, prohibit any form of forced labor and overtime work, and employees have the right to leave freely with reasonable notice.
  3. The company does not discriminate against employees based on their race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, racial or ethnic origin, disability, pregnancy, creed, political affiliation, union membership, military service status, protected personal genetic information, marriage condition or other legal norms, discriminate or treat any employee or applicant differently.
  4. Any form of harassment or inhumane treatment is prohibited, including sexual harassment, abuse, slavery, corporal punishment, threats, exploitation and other physical or mental oppression or verbal abuse.
  5. Provide employees with remuneration and treatment in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations, including minimum wages, paid leave and legally regulated benefits.
  6. Establish a working hour management mechanism that conforms to norms, and reasonably arrange the working hours and rest and vacations of employees.
  7. The company respects and protects employees' freedom of speech, as well as the basic rights and interests of free assembly and association in accordance with the law, and establishes communication channels for employees.
  8. The company respects and protects employees' freedom of speech, as well as the basic rights and interests of free assembly and association in accordance with the law, and establishes communication channels for employees.

Ethics Policy

  1. Adhere to a business philosophy of integrity, transparency and responsibility.
  2. Zero tolerance towards any forms of bribery, corruption and extortion.
  3. Uphold fair trade, advertising and competition standards.
  4. Comply with laws and regulations and prevent conflict of interests.
  5. Protection of whistleblowers identity and non-retaliation.
  6. Protecting the privacy of personal information, including customers, suppliers and employees. And shall comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements.

Ehs Policy

  1. Enhance EHS System Strictly abide to national policies.
  2. Strive to exceed regulatory standards Prevent pollution attentively.
  3. Committed to promote waste minimization from the origin Implement product environmental requirement.
  4. Support suppliers to promote EHS Improve EHS quality with joint effort.
  5. Implement employee EHS education Contribute to the community.
  6. Meet EHS commitments Create a green corporation wholeheartedly.

Market Field

  • Energy Saving LED related products and Green battery packs.
  • Automotives Lighting,A/V,Alarm System,Power Window.
  • Home usage Motors,Power Supply,Refrigerators,Air Conditioner.
  • A/V Audio video cables, Optical Digital Cables, HDMI and DVI.
  • LCD Display Wire sets ( panel,Inverter,RM control and IO signals),CCFL Soldering,Mini Coaxial Cable,LVDS Wires.
  • O/A equipment Copy Machines,Laminators,scanner,vending Machine related wire sets
  • Ind. Equipment Test Machines,Test Sockets,Inspection Equipment Custom Design


2001 Jul. Started up wire harness & cable assembly business
2002 Jul. Phase-in OSAW ATM equipment from Japan.
Jul. Established TFT LCD Soldering & Assembly line.
Dec. Received ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
2003 Apr. Started business with Interlink/Tridonic
2004 Apr. Received UL Certificate.
2006 Feb. Started business with Sharp of Japan.
May. Started business with SVI of Thailand.
2008 Jun. Established R&D and LED Lighting assembly line.
2009 Feb. ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate passed.
2011 Jul. Started business with Hokuryo Japan.
2013 Oct. Started business with Zumtobel (Austria).
Oct. Started business with KITA Sensor Tech.
2014 Aug. Started business with Sigmatron International.
2017 Nov. Received ISO 9001 2015 certified.
2018 May. Started business with GP Batteries.
2019 Jan. Received TUV certificate.
2020 Mar. Started business with HuaFeng.

Quality policy


  • Business Center

Quality Policy

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Satisfaction


  • Everyone is QC
  • Implemented ISO Quality System
  • Continue the Innovation and Creation
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Effective Process Control
  • Achieve to Zero Defe